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True Odds Calculator

The basic foundation to beat the bookmakers is to all the time wager over the True Odds.

Are you aware them, do you’re taking them under consideration on the time of betting?

If not, you’re a ship with out sails no rudder and the day of your capsizing as a bettor is close to.

This true odds calculator is all you want to be sure to wager with worth.

I’ll go away it right here, and slightly below I’ll clarify the best way to use it and why and when do you want to take away the margin of the bookmakers.

What are the true odds?

As you understand, (and if not, it’s best to), the betting odds are associated to the chances of every final result.

The decrease odds, the upper likelihood, and vice versa.

To elucidate the usefulness of this calculator and why it’s a MUST in any worth betting technique, let’s begin initially.

What are the chances?

We will approximate the chances with the method:

Probability True Odds Calculator

Within the following soccer match between “Actual Madrid” and “Atlético de Madrid” (odds taken saturday eleventh, 17:16):

Example True Odds Calculator

  • Actual Madrid to win = 1/ 2.09= 0.478
  • Draw = 1/ 3.59 =0.279
  • Atlético de Madrid to win = 1/ 3.77= 0.265

However, wait, if we sum 0.478+0.279+0.265=1.022 > 1, and I do not forget that the sum of all of the potential outcomes of a match ought to be equal to 1…

What’s that 0.022?

It’s referred to as the vig (or vigorish), juice, margin or overround.

This fashion, the bookies pay lower than they obtain by the bets of the customers. 

The payout is 1/(1+0.022)=0.9781.

If the wager quantities of every final result are proportional to the inverse of the percentages, the bookies win a “fee” of (1-0.9781)=0.0215=2.15% of the whole quantity wager.

The basics of worth betting are:

→ Because the bookies apply this margin to the percentages leading to decrease odds than the inverse of the likelihood, you want to win a little bit bit greater than the chances estimated by the bookies if you wish to receive revenue.

However, that are the chances estimated by the percentages?

Following the earlier instance, the bookie’s estimation of the chances are all the time barely decrease than the inverse of the percentages.

That signifies that Pinnacle’s estimation of the likelihood of Madrid to win is decrease than 0.478, the likelihood of a draw is decrease than 0.29 and the likelihood of Atletico to win is decrease than 0.265.

Okay, however once more,

That are the “true possibilities”, and their inverse, the “true odds”, in keeping with the bookie’s odds?

→ No one, besides the bookies and their suppliers, is aware of precisely how they apply the margin to the true odds.

Nevertheless, there are a number of strategies to calculate the “true odds”, or “take away the margin”.

Which one the bookies are utilizing is not possible to know.

The strategies

The strategies to take away the margin we have now included within the true odds calculator are:

  • Equal margin (EM)
  • Margin proportional to odds (MPTO)
  • Shin (SHIN)
  • Odds ratio (OR)
  • Logarithmic (LOG)

Let’s return to the Actual Madrid vs Atlético odds. We’re going to calculate the “true odds” and “true possibilities” with the 5 strategies by choosing 3 outcomes and writing the percentages within the corresponding fields:

True Odds Calculator

Equal margin

The margin is 0.0223. The “Equal margin” methodology multiplies the percentages by the margin:

equal margin True Odds Calculator

This methodology could be very easy, maybe an excessive amount of. The bookies in all probability don’t use it to calculate the percentages from the chances.

Margin proportional to odds

With this methodology, the upper odds, the extra margin is utilized. It’s calculated as:

True Odds Calculator formula

This methodology is an efficient approximation, higher than the EM methodology, and it is rather helpful as it is rather quick to calculate.


You’ll find an in depth clarification of this methodology on this article by Stephen Clarke et al. In a merely approach, it consists on discovering the worth of “c” that produces a sum of all the chances equal to 1:

True Odds Calculator shin formula

Don’t ask me why, however when you begin with a price of c=0, and iterate values of “c” till the sum of all the chances is 1, you might have solved the Shin Technique. You’ll find extra in regards to the process to unravel it iteratively within the supply code of this weblog article.

It leads to a really small distinction with the MPTO methodology, however rather more troublesome to calculate. Is it price it?

Odds ratio

The percentages ratio is defined intimately by Keith Cheung within the following hyperlink. It consists additionally on discovering the worth of “c” that produces a sum of all the chances equal to 1:

odds ratio True Odds Calculator formula

On this case, you want to begin with a price of c=1, and iterate till the sum of possibilities is the same as 1. You additionally want some iterations and it could possibly take extra time to calculate.


This methodology is defined and in contrast with different strategies on this article by Joseph Buchdahl. On this case, the method used to calculate the chances that lead to a sum equal to 1 could be very easy:

True Odds Calculator formula

Though it’s a quite simple method, you additionally must iterate beginning with a price of c=1. It’s thought of to lead to very exact outcomes, however as an iterative methodology, you want extra time and write some code to make use of it.

Why and when do I must take away the margin?

By eradicating the margin, you’re calculating the estimation of the chances by the bookmaker at early or opening odds, or the chances obtained by the “knowledge of the group” concept at closing odds.

There are a number of methods to use this “true odds” or “true possibilities”:

  • Discover worth bets with Optimistic Anticipated Worth through the use of sharp bookies odds
  • Estimate the Anticipated Worth of a wager by calculating the CLV

Discovering worth bets

In the event you contemplate that the top odds, a “sharp” bookie, are based mostly on a superb estimation of the chances, then you possibly can take away the margin and calculate the “true odds” with out margin so as to discover worth bets.

In the event you discover another bookmaker with odds larger than the “true odds”, you’re betting with Optimistic Anticipated Worth (EV+).

With the instance above, if the top odds are based mostly on a superb estimation of the chances, and you’ve got a superb methodology to take away the margin, then you might have the “true odds” and you may examine them with different bookies to calculate the EV.

Value Bets True Odds Calculator formula

In the event you discover, for instance, that the percentages of a house win are 2.15 in one other bookie, as 2.15>2.1230 (Log), then you might have a optimistic Anticipated Worth of: 2.15/2.123-1=0.0127=1.27%.

It’s not a really excessive yield, however when you wager a number of instances on this scenario, you’ll have a revenue in the long run. So,

Do not forget that you want to take away the margin earlier than contemplating {that a} distinction of odds between bookmakers is sufficient to discover worth within the larger odds.

You should utilize the true odds calculator to estimate this EV very quick:

  1. Enter the percentages of a pointy bookie, on this case Pinnacle, within the left column
  2. Choose the percentages you’re evaluating. On this case, for a house win, Odds 1
  3. Enter the upper odds of the bookmaker you might have discovered within the column on the proper
  4. Click on on the “Calculate” button.

True Odds Calculator

If the ultimate “EV” row exhibits optimistic values, then it’s price betting on the upper odds.

Calculating the CLV

In the event you had wager the day earlier to the match on the Actual Madrid victory, at odds 2.09, you’ll have in all probability wager with optimistic Anticipated Worth, contemplating that the closing odds are based mostly on a a lot better estimation of the true likelihood of every final result and so they have resulted in a a lot decrease worth.

On this case, the closing odds of the match a couple of minutes earlier than the beginning had been:

How can we calculate the EV of betting the day earlier than the match on a house victory at odds 2.09? We will use the true odds calculator too:

  1. On this case we use the closing odds within the left column.
  2. Then we choose the outcome we have now wager (Odds 1, comparable to the house victory odds)
  3. Within the discipline beneath the margin, we enter the percentages we have now wager
  4. Then click on on calculate

True Odds Calculator

Within the final “EV” row of the desk, yow will discover the long run Anticipated Worth of your wager. Based on the Log methodology, it’s 0.0699, a really good one.

If the final row exhibits optimistic values in most of your bets when evaluating them with the closing odds, then you’re “beating the closing line” and you’ll in all probability receive revenue in the long run.

In the event you have no idea what the anticipated worth is, see this text:

What Is Anticipated Worth? EV Calculator For Betting

Be open minded

Right here we have now shared with you a technique to take away the margin and estimate the “true possibilities” in keeping with the percentages.

We hope you discover it helpful and make it easier to to grasp the very small edge we often have when betting, and the way vital it’s to all the time wager on the upper out there odds amongst many bookmakers.

When you have any instance you need to share or you might have any query, you need to use the feedback of this publish or write to [email protected]

However don’t stick with the CLV, these “true possibilities” are a superb estimation on common when analysing a whole bunch of matches. Nevertheless, they aren’t all the time proper in a person match. In my view, there are two methods of profitable or getting worth bets:

  1. You understand one thing BEFORE the market consists of this info into the percentages. Your methodology is quicker otherwise you simply don’t want to attend for larger liquidity or larger odds.
  2. You could have BETTER info than the market in the meanwhile of the wager, and this data will be later included into the percentages or not, even if you’re inserting the wager.

In the event you often get worth in keeping with 1), you’ll by no means win by betting near the beginning of the match, and the earlier you wager, the higher.

In the event you get worth in keeping with 2), with a unique supply of data of study than the bookies and the knowledge of the group, generally it’s higher to attend for larger odds or larger liquidity, and you might even wait to the beginning of the match, though it’s a lot more durable to win by betting at this second when all of the details about the match has been taken under consideration within the odds.

Observe: Bear in mind that you could learn and replica the code of this true odds calculator within the supply code of this internet web page. You may as well obtain a Matlab model right here.

In the event you use it, please point out The Worth Betting Weblog and the authors of the formulation I’ve used on this article. Thanks!

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